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Family : The Mundells

The Mundell Family I am a lover of natural interactions between people …especially families! I believe that whenView full post »

Family : We are Family!

My family blogging has been a bit behind!  But there was no ways I was ever not going to blog this gorgeous family! IView full post »

Wedding : Crystal Towers

I knew the moment that I met Mox & Zac that I was going to have an absolute ball with them on their wedding day!View full post »

Art and the Invention of the camera

The invention of the camera changed the face of history of art. The first photographic process took place in 1839 andView full post »

Glamorous Model Shoot

Skylynn’s model shoot! Its been a while since I did my last model shoot and I have to say, I so enjoyed this oneView full post »

Engagement Shoot, Cape Town (UCT)

Chris & Christine might seem very familiar to you!  Well, this isn’t your normal engagement shoot to beView full post »

In pursuit of the perfect ring-shot | Jo Stokes Photography

When you first get engaged everyone is going to ask you to show them the ring. This is the ring; the one that means youView full post »