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PORTFOLIO – LARA Portfolio shoots are always so much fun for me.  I get to get gorgeous young ladies …orView full post »

Beach Maternity shoot

Sharon & Nic A beach affair! A beach maternity shoot is always fun …but especially so what it is like aView full post »

Curro Matric dance – Zouhar & Aintree

Curro Matric Dance 2015 Zouhar & Aintree Local Newspaper, Tygerburger finalist! The Curro Matric dance was held onView full post »

High Tea Bachelorette Party

High Tea Bachelorette Party High Tea Bacelorette parties opened my eyes as to how much things have changed since I gotView full post »

Packaging & Branding

Part of my learning curve in my photography business has been branding and packaging.  It has been an interesting ifView full post »

Picture Perfect Photograph

When considering mantel-worthy wedding photographs the make or break factor really is your wedding photographer.View full post »

Dressed for success: Engagement Photos

Having your engagement photos taken is the perfect opportunity for you not only to get comfortable having your pictureView full post »

Wedding : Crystal Towers

I knew the moment that I met Mox & Zac that I was going to have an absolute ball with them on their wedding day!View full post »

Art and the Invention of the camera

The invention of the camera changed the face of history of art. The first photographic process took place in 1839 andView full post »

Landscape Photography Demystified

Landscape photography is basically the capturing of the earth and the different facets of the world that make it whatView full post »

Matric Dance – Fairmont

I have known Kelce since the day she was born as she is my niece!  She was the cutest of cutest baby, toddler, child!View full post »

A Family Portrait Matters in Moments | Jo Stokes Photography

You know that awkward moment when everyone gathers for a family photo and then someone has to volunteer to take theView full post »

Personal : Villagers Rugby vs Sir Lowrians

Ok, I know I am normally a wedding , family, glamour photographer …but today …this is slightly differentView full post »

Why do we Exchange Wedding Rings?

The exchange of wedding rings to seal a marriage is something that we have been familiar with since before anyone canView full post »

Do Professional Photographers Still Matter?

In today’s world there are so many ways to capture memories and document your experiences. Everyone involved will haveView full post »