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Fleeting moments

Fleeting moments Great pictures are timeless – a fleeting moment that draws your attention. It wasn’t a moment before.View full post »

Let it be – Wedding mishaps!

Let it be! Wedding Mishaps Let it be!  So your wedding day is upon you. The white wedding that you always dreamt of andView full post »

Brides Listen up: The Devil is in the Details

In a bride’s ideal world she has a wedding coordinator, an on-the-day coordinator and a personal assistant to boot;View full post »

3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Album

Creating your wedding album, much like planning the actual day, is not the easiest task in the world. There are,View full post »

Pick a Wedding Date, Any Date!

You are planning your wedding and have only decided what colour the flowers on the table will be. You still have to getView full post »

3 Tips for the Perfect Summer Wedding

It’s summer. Time for festivities, celebrations and of course, a summer wedding or three. Experience has taughtView full post »

What to avoid with your Wedding Party

We write a lot about what can help with the best photos from your wedding, what are the best tips, and things thatView full post »

The Pro’s of having a Passionate Photographer

A picture speaks a thousand words, and somehow, this saying is even truer with a photograph because of its reality. InView full post »

Capturing Close Ups

Capturing moments through a camera is pleasurable and quite rewarding. Photography is the process of clicking imagesView full post »

Patience for Perfect Wedding Photos

Amongst all the arrangements required for a wedding whether it is dressing, hair styling, make up, the food, theView full post »

Having fun with photo shoots

How to Make A Photo Shoot Fun  With digital photography, it is really simple and fun to take photos. WhetherView full post »